9th of July 2021

Design talks Business is a meeting in an international group of entrepreneurs and designers, the aim of which is to create a better present and future 

Design talks Business is an international platform for the exchange of experience, knowledge and contacts for design and business practitioners. The multi-day event is attended by professionals – entrepreneurs and designers – who are looking for new tools and methods of work with a view to creating innovative products and services. Since 2015, Design talks Business encourages participants to revise their assumptions and constantly monitor the real needs of consumers. It pays attention to the ethical, social and environmental aspects of the business activities undertaken. It promotes a creative work culture in organizations and companies. It initiates the creation of future scenarios in which development is team work and the profit covers entire communities. Design talks Business is a call to abandon old habits and introduce bold changes in the name of a better tomorrow.


We will inaugurate the 6th edition of Design talks Business Summit with a Design talks Business working breakfast — a morning networking event over a cup of coffee. You can expect a relaxed atmosphere of a conference  backstage talk between participants and speakers. We will start the official part of the event with an inspiring presentation foretelling the end of the current approach to sustainability in business.

During the three subsequent thematic blocks, you will have a chance to meet a line-up of international experts. They will speak about new business trends, social and market changes. Every block of presentations will be wrapped-up by a discussion panel featuring our speakers. 

The first block of presentations is designed to inspire. We will discuss change, future, solidarity in business and  in design. We will talk about new types of consumer needs and present market trends pointing to current opportunities and threats. Furthermore, you will find out how to harness change to create future-proof solutions for business.

In the second block, we will listen to practitioners sharing their hands-on experience of working with circular design and company transformation towards the circular economy. They will share their own stories to show you how to design smarter. They will discuss the ways you can use the existing resources from a company’s value chain or business ecosystem.

Our experts will highlight the value resulting from the transformation based on the  circular economy principles.

In the closing block of presentations  we will focus on business activism in the era of social and environmental challenges that we will eventually have to respond to. We will learn about the roles companies can play in the transformation process, and how they can take a stance to benefit both the business and its environment.

Design talks Business Summit 2021 will close with an inspirational lecture that will spark new ideas and awaken a real desire to make a change.