How to design a solidary organization?

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How to design a solidary organization?


9 July 2021, 13:45




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Notice! Participation in this event is paid.

Discrimination happens most often in public spaces and in organizations. We can change it. During the workshop, we will use the experience design toolset to make organization not only discrimination free, but solidarity champions.

Organizations we work in are becoming more and more diverse. Both when it comes to inborn differences in age, sex or nationality and life experiences. In a single team, we can have at the same time people, who don’t know the world without the internet and people, who began their careers when computer was a scarce resource. The aforementioned diversity is both a resource and a challenge. A challenge of making us more sensitive towards different perspectives, respecting individual uniqueness and reaching consensus. Organizations do fail at this challenge – discrimination happens most often in organizations. This is why, during the workshop we will look at this problem from an organizational design perspective. We will use design tools such as empathy maps to better understand various employee groups and we will together try to design solutions that would open organizations up for different experiences of its employees. This way, each and every workshop participant will be able to see herself as an organizational change maker, who is creating a more solidary organization. 

During the workshop you will learn:

  • understands the concept of solidary organization
  • uses service design tools to design change in organization
  • proposes his/her own solution to make organizations more solidarity oriented

As part of the conference, it is possible to participate in workshops (4 parallel sessions), for which prior registration is required.

workshops: 13:45-16:45



Bartłomiej Brach

Bartłomiej Brach

An organizational anthropologist. Researcher of employees and workplaces to help polish entrepreneurs create great organizations.As I scientist,  mostly interested in the subject of work meaningfulness. He have co-introduced storytelling as am organizational identity research method to Poland. Also serve as a chairperson at Polish Debating Foundation.

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