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Anna Desogus

Anna Desogus

Anna runs Circular Together – a training and consulting comapany. She is a moderator of workshops focussed on circular economy, zero waste and climate change.

Apart from promoting circular economy in theory, she also is involved with circular economy in practice. Since 2021 Anna represents the Norwegian start-up Packoorang in Poland. The company offers reusable shipping bags and circular packaging and transport ecosystems. Anna is an organizer of the Circular Economy Club Tricity. IN 2020 she qualified to take part in From Linear to Circular – a programme led by Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Upon completion she was award the title of Ellen MaArthur Foundation Circular Economy Pioneer 2021.

Anna is a member at the Polish INstitute for Circular Economy and at the Zero Waste Professionals Network. This year Anna presented the topic of cirular packaging and various international events, for example those organised within the following projects:Circular Plastics Network for Training, TAIEX EPPA Regional Workshop on Circular Economy and Circ4Life Open Innovation Camp.