DtB SUMMIT 2021 | breakfast

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DtB SUMMIT 2021 | breakfast


9 July 2021, 8:20


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Notice! Participation in this event is paid.

DtB breakfast is a morning networking event over a cup of coffee. With its relaxed vibe of a conference backstage conversation and a little help from our moderators, this informal meet-up will give you an opportunity to share your perspective. You will also get a chance to meet designers, businesspeople and listen to what other participants have in mind.


By attending the Design talks Business breakfast:

  • you will meet business representatives, designers and other participants of the event;
  • with the help of moderators you will be able to share your point of view;
  • you will hear many new and fresh ideas;
  • allow yourself a moment to breathe before taking off on a day full of inspiring presentations and valuable discussions;