Circular economy for packaging – upstream innovation

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Circular economy for packaging – upstream innovation


9 July 2021, 13:45




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It’s time for circular alternatives to the linear system of single-use plastic packaging.

The amount of materials used for packaging is continuously growing and in 2017, packaging waste in Europe reached 173 kg per inhabitant – the highest level ever. How to implement the concept of circular economy for packaging in order to reduce the amount of recourses consumed and the amount of waste generated?

This workshop is an introduction to the concept of upstream innovation for plastic packaging – a concept based on circular economy principles. What is meant by upstream are all solutions at the pre-consumption stage, for example at the stage of design, material selection as opposed to the post-consumption stages such as waste collection or recycling.

The content used during the workshop has been created by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and published with the Upstream Innovation Guide.

The workshops are addressed to both designers and people from the areas of product development, services, strategy, innovation, marketing, entrepreneurs, people from CSR departments responsible for sustainable development and everyone interested in the circular economy concept.

During the workshops:

  • you will get to understand the concept of upstream innovation in the context of circular economy
  • you will learn the three main strategies for designing circular packaging: elimination, reuse and material circulation – with real life examples from different industries
  • you’ll have a chance to immediately apply the new knowledge gained. In a set of interactive exercises you’ll face challenges related to some commonly used types of products and you’ll have the opportunity to apply the concepts onto real life challenges for selected groups of products

As part of the conference, it is possible to participate in workshops (4 parallel sessions), for which prior registration is required.

workshops: 13:45-16:45



Anna Desogus

Anna Desogus

Anna runs Circular Together – a training and consulting comapany. She is a moderator of workshops focussed on circular economy, zero waste and climate change.Apart from promoting circular economy in theory, she also is involved with circular economy in practice. Since 2021 Anna represents the Norwegian start-up Packoorang in Poland. The company offers reusable shipping bags and circular pack...

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