How to build a committed team by working remotely in an agile model

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How to build a committed team by working remotely in an agile model


9 July 2021, 13:45




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Notice! Participation in this event is paid.

The workshop with practical tips on how to build Agile teams. Nowadays a cooperative and motivated team is a ticket to dynamic development. During the workshop we will present methods for building agile teams, quickly adapting to the requirements of customers or competitors activities.

They will receive practical tips on working remotely, as well. As the result of the meeting participants will understand where to start building a well-cooperating, motivated, well-adapted to the tasks, and above all, an independent and responsible team. Both the presented theory and the exercises will be helpful in applying the acquired knowledge in practice and in the business.

The workshop was inspired by Agile manifesto*:

“Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan “
*za manifestem scrum (

During the workshop you will learn: 

  • what tools to use to start the process of building trust in the team
  • how to build an agile team, both in the office and when we work remotely
  • how to build and develop team involvement also in remote work

As part of the conference, it is possible to participate in workshops (4 parallel sessions), for which prior registration is required.

workshops: 13:45-16:45



Izabela Słomczewska

Izabela Słomczewska

A qualified coach and mentor with multilevel managerial experience in the IT industry. She has been building teams and conducting transformations using effective communication and modern agile techniques, for over 18 years.She believes that smart communication and understanding of needs are the basis for creating a powerful business. She was awarded as an innovation leader. She unite teams for the...

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