What is in our head and why should we take care of it?

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What is in our head and why should we take care of it?


7 July 2021, 17:00


GDD stage


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WHO research shows that 615 million people worldwide suffer from depression and various anxiety disorders. Despite such alarming data, this problem is often still underestimated. Due to the difficult experiences of a pandemic, we should all the more address it and learn to talk about it openly.

During the lectures, the projects enabling the improvement of the mental condition will be presented, based on in-depth research and the authors' own experiences. Since our head is the starting point for a conversation about general well-being, it will also be possible to learn about available solutions that can positively affect our well-being. Mental health is the basis of proper functioning, so we should emphasize its importance, and thus share experiences without embarrassment and fear of stigmatization.



Agata Nowak

Agata Nowak

She works at the intersection of designing products, furniture and exhibition spaces.She has designed not only mass products, but also handmade small batch pottery. So far her designs have been implemented by the Danish brand WOUD and Polish Borcas and LOFT Decora. She is also a design curator. In 2020, she was responsible for the MANUBA collection for Gdynia Design Days. Together with Michał Bach...

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