Solidarity in the forest.


Solidarity in the forest.


10 July 2021, 11:00


Kamienna Góra
ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza


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"Trees are pro-social and support each other" Peter Wohlleben

I invite you with joy and excitement to a unique place on the cliff of Kamienna Góra in Gdynia. You will feel the closeness and the influence of the existing ecosystem working together. I will introduce you to the main characters, i.e. beeches, maples, oaks and birches. This forest family also has a jasmine tree in its ranks. Our meeting will be focused on contemplation and reflection as well as feeling the forest values, principles and support.

To create the land art installation „Solidarity in the forest” I only use organic elements such as branches, twigs and stems that I have found and collected in the forest undergrowth of the surrounding areas. The strands and shapes that you will see between the trees are the result of the sensitive and tedious work of twisting, braiding and wrapping. They are a symbolic interpretation of the main slogan of this year's Gdynia Design Days festival. My ultimate goal is to eliminate extraneous, artificial and synthetic elements to build this specific exhibition. I focus on found material, natural waste, organic connectors and substances. I strive for minimal interference and as neutral impact on the nature as possible, while hoping to create a maximum artistic feast. Who knows, maybe some of you, absorbed by this atmosphere, will feel the gaze of the surrounding trees – the hosts of this meeting.



Megi Malinowsky

Megi Malinowsky

Passionate about nature, travel and sport. Thanks to that, she developed a great sensitivity and a strong connection with the magic of the surrounding ecosystems. She comes true as an artist and works in the area of Landart also know as Earth Art. She states with confidence that she "likes to work with trees".Lecturer at the School of Form where she goes crazy in a creative whirl with students in ...

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