Precious Plastic is rethinking recycling through design [en]

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Precious Plastic is rethinking recycling through design [en]


6 July 2021, 17:00


GDD stage


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Precious Plastic is the go-to place on the web to recycle plastic. They make machines to recycle plastic and share the drawing online for free. During the lecture we will hear about what it means to work open source. Learn how to design solutions for a global problem. 

In 2021 less than 9% of all plastic produced is recycled. Get to know a big global community of tens of thousands of people has been created around Precious Plastic. Collaborating and helping each other to tackle the plastic waste problem.

How we do this? Through open source and design Precious Plastic aims to democratize the tools and knowledge of recycling, unleashing a wave of plastic recyclers around the world to spark a bottom up innovation in the recycling world. Sharing and collaborating is key to the design process. 



Mattia Bernini

Mattia Bernini

Design and Strategy at Precious Plastic since 2015. Mattia is responsible for all web things at Precious Plastic.Plus managing the global community and overseeing partnerships.

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