Mechanics of solidarity - cooperative games workshop

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Mechanics of solidarity – cooperative games workshop


5 July 2021, 14:00


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Is it possible to create a board game alone and how important is cooperation in the process of its creation? We will talk during the workshop about cooperative games.

The workshop will be devoted to creating cooperative board games based on materials available at home. The meeting will discuss game design theory in the context of cooperative games. Together we will think about why we need cooperative games and how this can serve education and business. Then we will move to the creative part and try to create our own concepts of board games based on cooperative struggle with the game system. 

It is a good idea to sign up early and download the components for the materials in print-to-play format. This is not necessary, but can definitely come in handy! Before the workshop you should also prepare art materials at home, such as a4 sheets of paper, colored pencils and/or markers and pencils.

The workshop will take place on the Gdynia Library Discord platform at:  


Gdynia Library



Dr Marta Tymińska

Dr Marta Tymińska

Marta Tymińska holds a PhD in psychology and cultural studies. In her academic work, she mainly focuses on digital games and their culture-forming role. Her doctoral dissertation was devoted to the study of avatars, she also investigates transmedia stories, independent games and the relationship between the player, the avatar and the emergent narrative of games. She has written several texts on fa...

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