film screening | "Walking on Water"

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film screening | “Walking on Water”


7 July 2021, 19:00


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GDD and Against Gravity cordially invite you to the online film screenings of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival repertoire. Documentary film screenings are a response to the slogan of this year's GDD "Solidarity" and will attempt to look at the future in the age of new reality.

Walking on Water (2018) dir. by Andrey M. Paounov, Bulgaria/Italy/USA,  100 min

An uncensored look at the art and life of Christo, an American artist of Bulgarian descent who, together with his French wife Jeanne-Claude, created the most outstanding examples of so-called land art. Christo is something between a fashion designer and a public space artist. He dressed not people, but entire buildings, bridges and nature in new, gigantic robes of fabric or foil. In 2016, seven years after the death of his wife, Christo decides to realize their joint project "Floating Piers", developed in 1970. It was a big challenge both artistically and logistically, as it involved building a temporary boardwalk on the lake.

The film shows how this stunning work came to completion at the foot of the Alps on Italy's Lake Iseo. We learn about the challenges involved in the project, the negotiations, as well as the creative problem solving and the battle with bureaucracy. Eighty-year-old Christo is stubborn and complains, but never loses hope. Despite the initial problems, the project succeeds and arouses great interest – it was seen by 1 200 000 viewers.

The film is not a typical portrait of an artist. It is rather a portrait of a man full of passion and emotions. Christo talks about his creative method only a few times. "A Walk on Water" allows us to get to know him from another side.

Film in English with Polish subtitles. Available only in Poland.  

Each day a code will be published that will entitle to free viewing of the film between 19:00 and 00:00.