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film screening | “Spaceship Earth”


6 July 2021, 19:00


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GDD and Against Gravity cordially invite you to the online film screenings of the Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival repertoire. Documentary film screenings are a response to the slogan of this year's GDD "Solidarity" and will attempt to look at the future in the age of new reality.

"Spaceship Earth" (2020), dir. by Matt Wolf, USA, 115 min

The film tells the story of a group of environmentalists and thinkers, led by John Alen. This renaissance man, founder of a commune of free thinkers in New Mexico, thanks to the funds entrusted to him by his friend, billionaire Ed Bass, in the early 1990s leads a huge research project called "Biosphere 2".

The project aimed to recreate the dominant climate zones on Earth on a micro scale (jungle, desert, lowlands and ocean with coral reefs) along with the animals, birds or insects characteristic of them. The researchers enclosed themselves in a constructed "Biosphere 2" ("Biosphere 1" is Earth) in the Arizona desert for 2 years. Energy was provided by the sun and natural gas. It was to be a kind of Noah's Ark, helping people understand the laws of ecology and their existence on Earth, as well as being a test for many fields of science before attempting to colonize space. The moment the team closed in 1991 was televised around the world. However, the reality of being in confinement verified the visions of even the carefully selected team. 


Film in English with Polish subtitles. Available only in Poland.  

Every day a code will be published that will entitle to free viewing of the film from 19:00 to 00:00.