Digital ecology - how to design in digital caring for the good of the planet

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Digital ecology – how to design in digital caring for the good of the planet


7 July 2021, 16:00


GDD stage


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The concept of sustainable and ethical design is nothing new. However, when we try to juxtapose these concepts with digital design, it is difficult for us to indicate basic guidelines, rules or requirements.

According to pre-pandemic research, it is estimated that by 2030, the grid will generate 20% of the world's electricity demand. With the pandemic-induced rapid migration to the virtual world, we are consuming and creating more and more digital products at an accelerated pace. With this in mind, we can expect that "2030" is much closer than we think, and the context of sustainable digital design and digital ecology is becoming more and more urgent.

In this lecture, we will talk about how to consciously design digital products, how to use commonly available tools and above all: what can we as designers do to pave the paths of ethical and sustainable design in such a powerful medium as the Internet?



Katarzyna Pomieczynska

Katarzyna Pomieczynska

Graphic designer with 8 years of experience in startups and innovation incubators.Working in a world of technology, where rapid growth is often put above sustainability, she decided to start offering an alternative approach and educating customers about the digital ecology. A graduate of the London College of Communication, currently developing her interests at the Viennese WU Executive Academy in...

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Agata Doraczyńska

Agata Doraczyńska

A trend researcher and a careful observer of the everyday world.A graduate of Fashion Design at the Danish University of VIA DESIGN. He is currently completing postgraduate studies in Design Management at the SWPS University. She gained her experience both in Polish and foreign trendforecasting agencies: Danish SPOTT Trends & Business, F-Trend in India and Gdańsk infuture institute. On a daily...

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