Designing in search of a sense of security in relation to space and objects

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Designing in search of a sense of security in relation to space and objects


4 July 2021, 16:00


GDD stage


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Find out what synesthetic design, neuroarchitecture or proxemics are.

During the lecture, together with the speaker, we will consider how our senses function in space. We will also examine how they work in relation to objects. The speaker will tell you how to design spaces and objects taking into account the user's sense of security. It will also reveal how synesthetic design contributes to building a sense of security.



Joanna Jurga

Joanna Jurga

Product and space designer, innovator and lecturer. Dedicated design specialistsense of security.In her work, she willingly raises issues in the field of synesthetic and speculative design. Analogue astronaut and two-time commander of the space mission simulation in Habitat Lunares.A meditation teacher and space enthusiast. She collaborated on research projects with infuture hatalska foresight ins...

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