GDD 2021 – full speed ahead!

10 May 2021

GDD 2021 – full speed ahead!

This year will mark the 14th edition of our design festival – and the first one to also tackle the subject of shared responsibility. The festival’s motto – solidary* – is a call to become part of the change.

This edition takes a look at collaborative actions and their impact on the planet and our immediate surroundings. Each element of the festival, including its visual design, is going to reflect our values. Meaningful changes happen through the sum of individual gestures.

Once again, we have invited Hardziej Studio– Patryk Hardziej and Ada Zielińska – to cooperate, and they have taken a very bold approach to this year’s communications.

„solidary pays attention to the social aspect of design, to shared responsibility, humanity, and friendship. Such honest intentions cannot be promoted in an idealized, distorted manner typical for advertising. We decided to go for an uncompromising, and yet fully transparent approach. We opted for simple, black letters and the most widespread font, Times New Roman, to convey the messages just as they are – without any coquetry or distracting the viewers’ attention. As a result, we can focus our communication on what’s really important“ — Patryk Hardziej i Aga Zielińska | Hardziej Studio. 


* the 14th edition of the design festival and first one on shared responsibility