Piotr Bucki

Piotr Bucki

Piotr is an architect who does not design, an academic teacher who does not fit schemes, a communication fanatic addicted to analyses and a social psychologist always looking for WHY?

He considers himself a modern-day Hermes – a researcher who combines different inspirations to come up with new solutions. He collects ideas and merges them into new ones and he aims to build it all on a solid neuroscientific base. Piotr works with all sorts of companies – big and small, local and global, offering them support and a bit of a struggle with communication strategies. He also teaches and trains in a wide range of communication-related areas. Marketing, PR, Branding, UX, Copywriting – name it and he will gather data, analyse them and come up with tools & stories to support your project. Piotr works mainly in Marketing and R&D but he also teaches at three different universities.