Krystyna Chodorowska

Krystyna Chodorowska

Author, programmer, data and game master. She has translated works by China Miéville, Roger Zelazny, Nancy Kress, Greg Egan, Pat Cadigan, and Neil Willamson. Author of novels and short stories, mostly in the genres of close-range fantasy and climatepunk.

Nominated for the Janusz A. Zajdel Award (including the novel 'Triskel: Gwardia') and the Maciej Parowski Award. As a thank you for her help, she was killed by Peter Watts in the novel "Echopraxia". Her short story "Lies and Weather Forecast" was included in an anthology of European SF published by "Future Fiction". She is a member of the Silesian Fantasy Club and the group of fantasy writers "Harda Horda".