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Dr Marta Tymińska

Dr Marta Tymińska

Marta Tymińska holds a PhD in psychology and cultural studies. In her academic work, she mainly focuses on digital games and their culture-forming role.

Her doctoral dissertation was devoted to the study of avatars, she also investigates transmedia stories, independent games and the relationship between the player, the avatar and the emergent narrative of games. She has written several texts on fan cultures, and enjoys researching manga and anime. She works at the University of Gdańsk as an assistant professor at the Department of Film and Media. Organizer of events devoted to pop culture (Pasja Minicon in Gdynia), animator of local culture, member of Arteria Association and equality activist. In cinema she appreciates animation in all its forms. She has been a film educator for children and young people (and sometimes seniors) since 2009. She cooperates with New Horizons Film Education and Multikino Film Academy. Recently, she participated in "The Space is Jumping", where she talked about the social impact of games. She is interested in and teaches about game design in education. Privately, a fan of parrots, travel, novels (SF, fantasy, YA), and plant-based cuisine.