Solidarity in the forest


Solidarity in the forest

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3–11th of July


Kamienna Góra
ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza


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"Trees are pro-social and support each other" Peter Wohlleben

In the face of the pandemic, we became even more aware of our vulnerability, insecurity and fear. Our self-centered sense of power and control over the world is once again sarcastically stigmatized. In this chaos, we rush to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the danger. The worldwide 'lockdown' increases our alienation, loneliness, depression and sadness. We feel helpless. We miss being socially useful. We lack our relationships and the sense of belonging to the group. We need fresh role models.

The forest is a network of solidarity. It works great together, creates a harmonious group, a self-reliant ecosystem. Each tree, lichen, and fungus has its own task, which is consistently fulfilled without hesitation or doubt for the benefit of all. It does not err but carries out a common mission. It creates the ideal of a supporting family, local community, district, city, province, state, continent. Always and without exceptions.

From my early age communing with nature, exploring mountain areas and forests developed my deep connection with this huge, untamed and fascinating world. I have always had an impression of dealing with something great, wise and perfect. We can learn a lot from nature. Shamingly, we do not have a decent knowledge or value offer in return.

While searching for the place of my Land art installation and reflecting on the motto of this year's Gdynia Design Festival, I returned with joy to Peter Wohlleben's book "The Secret Life of Trees”. In the preface, the author admits that he had come a long way before noticing and realizing what treasure he is dealing with. From a forest manager with a very narrow horizon, assessing hundreds of trees for their usefulness in a sawmill, he became an explorer of forest wonders that he was unable to explain. From that moment he discovered that "trees are pro-social and support each other", "stick together at all costs" because "cooperation is strength". “A single tree is not a forest. It will not generate a local, sustainable climate by itself, it will be exposed to the wind and weather. However, many trees together form an ecosystem that reduces the effects of extreme heat and freeze and stores a large amount of water." He also examined that "beeches are capable of friendship and are able to feed each other" and that "they strive to equalize their weaknesses and strengths". "Forests are super-organisms similar to an anthill."

Presenting you the "Solidarity in the forest" Land art. installation located on the cliff of Kamienna Góra, I sincerely hope that you will become more curious, sensitive and willing to learn on your next walk to the forest. Most importantly, that you will start implementing forest rules and values ​​into your lives.


Megi Malinowsky

Megi Malinowsky

Passionate about nature, travel and sport. Thanks to that, she developed a great sensitivity and a strong connection with the magic of the surrounding ecosystems. She comes true as an artist and works in the area of Landart also know as Earth Art. She states with confidence that she "likes to work with trees".Lecturer at the School of Form where she goes crazy in a creative whirl with students in ...

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Solidarity in the forest.

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Solidarity in the forest.

Kamienna Góra

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