Relics of Plastic Era


Relics of Plastic Era

opening hours

3–11th of July


Nowa Marina Bosmanat


free entrance


On average, we use a plastic bag for only 5 to 20 minutes; its decomposition time is 400 to 500 years. Let's think whether it is worth polluting the earth for a few minutes of convenience and leaving behind tons of garbage for hundreds of years? The exhibition Relics of Plastic Era educates and raises awareness of how to live responsibly.

The average citizen of the European Union uses 200 plastic bags per year. It is 4 kg of plastic in total! At the same time a Pole almost beats this record twice, wasting as many as 360 plastic bags, that is over 7 kg of plastic. Relics of Plastic Era were created to educate, raise awareness about the problem and express protest against littering the natural environment. They are a manifesto of our legacy: made of the material that will survive us the longest. Souvenirs are a set of objects: figures made of weights and a foil calendar. The figures, compiled on the basis of statistics, show differences in how we treat plastic bags from supermarkets in various parts of Europe and in which countries we take care to use them as little as possible, and where this problem is still underestimated. The calendar presents 200 plastic bags pressed into cubes and used for one year. By presenting data concerning various European countries, the exhibition makes us aware that we should show solidarity in solving a common problem and learn from each other. Starting with ourselves, in our everyday and independent actions, we have a huge impact on how the world around us will look in the future.


Filip Til

Filip Til

Designer, promoter of zero waste design. He graduated in Domestic Design from the School of Form. He also studied Design at Aalto University in Finland.His works were exhibited at many exhibitions such as: Malta Festival, Art&Fashion Forum or Arena Design. He designs according to the idea of sustainable design, in his works he uses natural materials and experiments with recycled materials. In ...

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