Head is the key


Head is the key

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3–11th of July


Bulwar Nadmorski Gdynia


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It's high time to take care of our mental health.

Mental health is still a taboo. People are ashamed to talk about it, and therefore – reach for help. Most of them seems that they never will be affected. Meanwhile, it turns out that a quarter of Poles suffer from various types of mental disorders. The most common is depression. WHO research shows that over 320 million people worldwide struggle with it. That's not all. It is predicted to become one of the dominant health problems in the next 20 years. Our overall well-being has deteriorated significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, and studies show that after the pandemic ends, more people will need mental support than before. We lost control, a lot of uncertainty arose and our anxiety levels increased. We already see the issue among teenagers, who are 44% increase the level of depressive symptoms.

One cannot talk about health apart from mental health, which is the foundation of proper functioning in society. That is why the exhibition "The head is the basis" presents ways to take care of our balance on a daily basis. There are also projects that support the conduct of therapy and modern solutions that improve the receipt of mental support. It's high time to take care of our heads. After a pandemic experience, let's try to be more solidary, have more empathy and understanding for people with mental disorders, because many of us are currently experiencing them.



Agata Nowak

Agata Nowak

She works at the intersection of designing products, furniture and exhibition spaces.She has designed not only mass products, but also handmade small batch pottery. So far her designs have been implemented by the Danish brand WOUD and Polish Borcas and LOFT Decora. She is also a design curator. In 2020, she was responsible for the MANUBA collection for Gdynia Design Days. Together with Michał Bach...

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